Now Offering Concierge Medicine

Accepting Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans!

Our mission is to provide quality In-House care for patients and residents

Our team has developed strong relationships with other healthcare providers to coordinate both In-House and Telehealth visits for true Geriatric Psychiatry consults, Dental care and Mental Health Counseling services. We will continue to grow our partnership with others to improve access to care within each facility we work in.

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Discharge from Hospital and/or Rehabilitation

MezaCare delivers professional medical care in all skilled nursing facilities and participates with in your rehabilitative care to prepare you for a safe transition back to home.

Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care

MezaCare We work hand in hand with the skilled nursing team to ensure safe, responsive and efficient healthcare for the duration of your stay.

Assisted Living

MezaCare provides primary care services while maximizing your independence and safety. Our team allows you to receive convenient care within your home-like environment.

Independent Living

MezaCare will be there to provide primary care services with both on site and telehealth visits in our established on site clinic or in your own home.

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